Baikal Lake
Ice Crystals

1-9 February

starting from 3050 €

1-9 February

Tour schedule: 9 days, 8 nights.
minimum 6 max 11 participants

starting from 3050 €

To book the trip just pay the advance 1050 €
and by December 31st the rest of the payment 2000 €

The trip is organized together with the Hidden World Travel tour operator.
Booking through:

Prices may change without notice for reasons not dependent on the tour operator but due to force majeure due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The tour includes:
  1. Transfer from the airport (outward and return).
  2. Stay in a double room in Irkutsk and other locations. Single supplement on request (500 €).
  3. All photographic outputs with 4x4 off-road vehicles.
  4. Overcraft two days.
  5. Permits for entry into the Natural Park.
  6. Return flight from Rome or Milan to Irkutsk on the scheduled dates.

The tour does not include:
  1. Tourist visa for Russia.
  2. Insurance advisable.
  3. Daily meals.

The departure from Italy must take place the day before.

1 day
Arrival of participants in Irkutsk in the morning. Local time is +7 compared to Italy.
Transfer from the airport to the hotel will be organized. Our hotel is the full center of Irkutsk. We meet and get to know each other among the participants. Walk in the Siberian city, street photos and souvenir purchases.

Free dinner.

2nd day
Departure after breakfast from Irkutsk to Lake Baikal by 4x4 (about 2 hours by car). We will go to the south of the lake and begin to discover new places and beautiful promontories. A hovercraft is waiting for us to take us to the clean ice where the ice sheets are very high.

There will be two days of adventure on hovercraft where no car can go. The first night on the lake we will stop in a guest house where we have to prepare dinner for us. After dinner we can go out to photograph the night sky, choosing trees bent by the wind as the foreground.

We will make sunrise at the ice sheets.

We continue our journey towards the hotel. During the day we will stop in the most beautiful places, you will see promontories from the most privileged point.

3-7 day
At the end of the two days we will arrive at the hotel on the Hadarta promontory. Next 5 nights we are in the same hotel. A comfortable hotel, with a restaurant serving good local dishes, the hotel has a Russian sauna and skates for rent for those who want to skate. The rest of the tour we will do with the 4x4 car, which will always be at our heated disposal.

The days will begin with outputs at dawn from 6.30, around 10.00 we will have breakfast, from 11.00 until 14 we would have a few hours of rest, in which we can download and see which photos we want to redo and return to the place. Then around 3 pm we leave for sunset, we will photograph the ice caves, natural streaks and cracks on the ice towards the islands. We will go to the panoramic points. We will choose points to make the sunset, and then for those interested in the dark we will take the night photos for a couple of hours.

From the Uyuga promontory we go to photograph various islets within 3/4 km. Among them: Oltrek, Ogoy, Kobyliya Golova (horse head), Tsagan Khushun, Hubyn. We will go to photograph the Tre Fratelli rock, Hoboy promontory, Harantsy, Shamanka and other islets and places with ice caves.
Every evening the sunset we will do it in different places. One of these at blue hour on Ogoy island we will see an important place for Buddhism.

We will go to Huzhir, the largest village on Olhon island. Olkhon is the largest island on Lake Baikal, mainly rocky, with forests, steppe, taiga and also a desert part. It is considered one of the sacred places of Central Asia. In the east of the island some overhangs are up to 80 meters deep, but in other areas the terrain slopes gently towards the lake. On the west coast is the famous Rocca dello Shaman. The inhabitants of the island are around 1500, concentrated in the village of Huzhir. The whole territory of Olkhon is included in the National and Natural Park.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will prepare us in our hotel.

8 day
Departure and return to Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation.

9 day
Departure from Irkutsk to Italy.

The program may vary according to the climatic conditions.
Get ready to wake up at dawn to take the first light of the sun that is reflected in the ice of Baikal. The same thing awaits us at sunset; but the show also continues with the twilight and then the night, when the stars light up the whole sky. Since we will be far from large inhabited centers, we will have the opportunity to admire the stars without light pollution. Especially on calm nights it is fun to use torches to light the ice.

Accommodation in double rooms. Single supplement on request.

Since the climate on the lake in February is rather harsh (down to -30 ° C) and there may be strong winds, it is recommended to wear warm windproof clothes, Goretex and bring thermal clothing. A double hat covering the ears, double heavy gloves, feather jacket, sweatshirt, warm sweater, padded trousers, thermo socks, transparent sunglasses or snowboard, lip cream, balaclava and neck warmer. You can bring hand warmers (you can buy them in sporting goods stores). You will need crampons and knee covers.

Cancellation and refund policy
If a participant decides to cancel the reservation, he or she must communicate it as soon as possible to the email address of one of the two organizers.
However, the sudden absence of a participant would create management difficulties in bookings, in addition to the risk of not reaching the minimum quota of participants for the photo travel.

• If the cancellation request is sent at least 60 days before the scheduled departure date, the booking fee can be refunded (excluding agency fees only).

• If the cancellation request is sent less than 60 days before the scheduled departure date, the reservation fee cannot be refunded.
The entire amount paid (excluding agency fees only) will be refunded if the event is canceled.

Photographic equipment:
  • photo camera
  • lens (wide-angle, macro, medium-long canvases)
  • tripod
  • batteries
  • cards
  • remote control
  • lens and sensor cleaning kit
  • polarizer, GND, ND filters
  • computer to download photos or external disks.
  • front torches

What you need to know

How to dress to go to Lake Baikal
- Park Canadian Goose, 66North, North Face or similar (from -30C).
- 100 gr feather jacket.
- Sweatshirt
- Thermal underwear
- Cap
- Double gloves
- Warm socks
- Demar boots
- Crampons
- Cover your knees
- Foot warmer and hand warmer
- Home clothing, slippers (for the hotel)
- Hygiene products, personal first aid kit
- Front stack
    The difficulty of the journey
    The travel difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10 is 3.
    The electrical outlet in Russia
    Voltage: 220 V
    Frequency: 50 Hz
    Socket type: C * and F **

    * European two-pole C
    ** German two-pole F
      Visa for Russia
      We have agreements with an agency that prepares visas for Russia at a cost of € 120 plus shipping costs with the courier at € 25.
      Of course, you can independently apply for a visa for Russia, applying for it at the Russian embassy or consulate in Rome, Milan or Verona
      What will we eat and where will we sleep
      We will eat in the hotels for Russian breakfast with egg, sausage, tea. During the day we will eat in the hotels or sack lunch.
      We will sleep in the best hotels in the area. Accommodation in double rooms. Single supplement on request.
      Currency and exchange
      The currency in Russia is the ruble.
      At Baikal it is difficult to make payments with an ATM. So I recommend that you withdraw money in Irkutsk or bring the Euros with you and exchange them on the spot.
      In May 2019 the exchange rate is 1 € = 72 rubles.
      An adult lunch in Irkutsk can cost around 1800 rubles.
      Do you want to take part in this trip?
      write me an email to check the availability of the place