Photographic journey in extreme conditions.

What do we need to know? Some advice and suggestions.

How to prepare for a trip to the arctic

Before leaving we must consider some things:

  • Clothing
  • Photographic equipment
  • Motivation
  • You have to adjust to the extreme conditions and give up some comforts
  • Take the medicines we always use
  • Some supplies from Italy cannot be missing

Clothing tips

  • A Parca is always better than a technical jacket, because it protects more a photographer who stands motionless at -35 for hours. So my advice is a Canadian Goose type Park, 66 North, North Face, Columbia, or similar (from -30C). I found that Decathlon that we have already tested very good and less expensive:
  • Very often by taking pictures in the ice caves you can destroy the padded jackets or pants for this my suggestion and bring on the trip an anti-wind shell or ski jacket that you can put on a heavy jacket.
  • A 100 gr feather jacket must not be missing. - can be purchased from Columbia or Decathlon
  • Sweatshirt / warm fleece
  • Thermal socks
  • Neck warmer or balaclava
  • Double wool cap or technical hat
  • Sun glasses
  • In extremely cold weather, double gloves with mittens are needed, I recommend HEAT or Vallerret
  • Baffin or Demar type boots
  • In some cases crampons are needed, I always recommend taking large ones because it is difficult to put them on large boots
  • Sometimes staying on the ice for hours is tricky so you will need knee covers
  • Padded ski pants - brands can be from North Face, Columbia, Decathlon
  • Thermal tights - reflective from Columbia, Patagonia, Decathlon, or merino wool.
  • Don't forget that your hands suffer a lot so I recommend the hand cream: Avene Cicalfate, cocoa butter for the lips.